Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Oh, Say it's so!! Today was cool and breezy and sunny. Just like the spring and summer weather pattern is on our coast. The blooms are a-bloomin', the birds are a-nesting and there's just a feeling of renewed energy. Today I was up in Bandon having a great lunch with a friend. We were at a restaurant across from the Bandon wharf. The Coquille River was a little churny with a lot of splashing whitecaps.........very pretty.

Tomorrow I plan on getting out in the garden. I got my weed whacking done the other day and that always inspires me to go further into the weed patches, eliminating as many as I can. I'm giving fair notice to all those weeds.........prepare to make your exits!

I've heard a couple of pieces of news the last day or so. For those that enjoy the Chinese food at Thai's Dynasty in Coos Bay, there is a chef from Thai's that is opening up a new one in the old Fraser's in Bandon. Norm is soooo excited! Must be a happy reminder of his days in the Navy spent in Far East.

The second bit is there are great sounding new shops that are going to be added to the old hotel where Jeffrey's Salon is located in Langlois. The garage in the back is being renovated into a nice shop that will have a large variety of things for sale.......children's clothing, hand made rugs, consignment, some art, all kinds of things........ Next to Jeffrey's will be a cafe with sandwiches and other goodies, along with other gifts and children's cloths, shoes, I think............I know Tim is pretty excited about it. The owner of the hotel, Sue Musser, has done such a great job in restoring the beauty of that old hotel and it sounds like it's just getting better and better. I think these additions are due to arrive around the 1st of June.

There is something else and it slipped my mind......so maybe it'll come to me while I write about how everyone is the area is looking forward to the new Farmer's Market that will be starting on June 18th at Redfish. It will be THE place to hang out on Saturdays! And if you're needing some nourishment from all that shopping of fresh good stuff, you can rest your weary bones and have a bite to eat at Redfish, cup of coffee or some other liquid refreshment. After you've regained your strength you might go in and look around at the fabulous art in the Hawthorne Gallery.

Dianne's Siren's Cafe is adding pizza to their already great menu. They have the new ovens and were doing some re-modeling last week getting ready to offer some mouth-watering selections for us to try. Yum!

Also, new to our Port Orford will be the re-opening of what was Tri-Angle Square Gallery. The new owners are wonderful artists, Karen Auborn and Elaine Roemen, and you'll be able to see their wonderful oils on display. I've heard that there's some other new places in the art fields but I don't know enough to tell you about it just yet. But there are lots of new changes coming to our area. Sounds like a good summer coming up!

"Look only for the good in everything, that you absorb the quality of beauty."

Paramahansa Yogananda

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