Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here is "Big Red" ........for those of your who haven't seen the movie 'Secretariat', that was the horse's real name. When Big Red began racing, it meant that he needed to have a serious racing name. Norm had missed this fact when I came up with the Big Red name......then went onto Secretariat. No wonder he didn't think my suggestion was clever......
So.he's been wanting a larger cab ..............he's tall enough where the Tacoma was nothing but a problem for him to climb into. Now he has his new toy. . For any of you who follow my blog and have seen the parade of cars and trucks that have graced our garage and driveway, you'll enjoy laughing with me at Norm's statement, in all seriousness, that "this would probably be his last truck".... Oh, REALLY?? Time will tell.
I'm having computer problems and will just shorten this posting tonight. Everyone have a great Thursday....Time to start making your plans for the weekend.

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  1. Great looking truck! Hope the computer problems are minor!