Saturday, May 28, 2011


"Simply Delightful"!!!! That's the name of Lindsay Dougherty's new floral and gift shop in Langlois. I love it! It has a wonderful, intimate atmosphere with something new and delightful everywhere you look. Plus..........wonderful sandwiches and other assorted goodies to tempt the palate. Next door at Tim Belmont's salon, Jeffery's, Tim gave me a bit of the great chicken sandwich on a croisant he had from Lindsay's............Really, really good!!
OK.......back to Lindsay's. There are some very cute clothing items; from their family business, Poverty Ridge Cranberry Farm, there are cranberry vinegars, dried cranberries, and more;........Lovely necklaces and matching earrings at a very reasonable price;........lots of nick-nacks, which I always love. And Lindsay has my greeting cards and some framed prints that she said were being well received. Lindsay herself, has a warm and wonderful smile and manner about her.......and professional while retaining the youthful enthusiasm that just, just feels good to be around her. Do try to stop in and take a look, grab a bite to eat and OMG!! how in the world can I forget to mention her gorgeous florals!!! Beautiful flower arrangements made up by Lindsay also, who has FDC training in her background. I can't fit any more photos that I took today and for lack of time and space so I will continue with more photos tomorrow so you, also, can be simply delighted!

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