Monday, May 16, 2011


Driving by the pasture where these lambs romped and play about a month or so ago, you sure notice how quickly they grow! These photos were obviously taken when they were much smaller........but sooo cute.

I've fallen a little behind in shooting new material. The next couple of days I hope to make up for that...........going for our weekly run to Coos Bay tomorrow and I have places to go and people to meet the rest of the week. I'm sure I can find new photos to take of this anti-Spring. (that means that we aren't really experiencing a spring this year on the south Oregon coast......just on-going winter........) Actually it hasn't been all that bad, has it? Unless we get some wild hail or wind storm, we're going to have a record crop at our place for blueberries this summer. I have roses that are breaking bud and so are my bearded iris. Soon I expect great things from them!!

I love this last photo. After running wildly with his buddies, he's sticking close, now, to Mama-Ewe.
Some strange looking creature was close by and pointing a clicky-box thing at him. Can't figure out what it was but it's gonna give him nightmares for sure!

"So may his flock increase, an grow

To scores o lambs, an packs o woo'!!"

The Death and Dying Words of Poor Maillie by Robert Burns

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