Sunday, May 15, 2011


A sweet smile from the past came to visit today. Wonderful little Megan. Megan used to come to pick up our grandson, Jorma, when he lived with us for a while. She would never join us for dinner, but would politely sit over on the sofa and wait for Jorma to finish eating and then off they'd go. It was so 'colorful' to see them together since they were both into coloring their hair some wild color every other day. One day it would be turquoise......then green, maybe bright pink or maroon. Bright blue was always a favorite. Then Jorma went to live elsewhere and Megan returned to southern California. I saw her briefly at Jorma's memorial service. She said that she was going to stop by know how it goes. About a month ago I received a facebook note from her saying she'd be traveling up this way and wanted to stop by to see us. We were surprised but very happy that she'd want to come by to see the Grandma and Grandpa. She came for lunch and we spent the next 3-4 hours catching up with more things than I realized we had in common. And of course, it gave us both a chance to remember Jorma........some chuckles and some tears. Megan's had a bit of a rough stretch in the last few years, but she's just bounding upwards now. Full of wisdom from the past, optimism and energy for the future.........she's a very loving and giving young woman. It was just a joy to spend the afternoon with her. It was a very special visit for me and I hope for her. And I wish her every opportunity and joy that life may offer her. I just hope the next visit comes again soon.

This little chipmunk, along with the rest of it's family, have come to visit since we've put up a couple of bird feeders. Here you can see him studying the situation over and trying to figure out how to get ALL the seed. So far the chipmunks haven't made it onto the feeders and they do get their fair share from the seed that falls onto the deck and ground. I've counted a family of 3 of them so far. And since we don't have Willie, our kitty, with us anymore, the birds, squirrels and chipmunks have free reign during the day. and Wow! Can they ever move fast............Quick 'zips' all over the place! Then a sudden STOP..........then they're off to the races again.........Fun to watch...

Last night we watched "The King's Speech". Excellent movie. Colin Firth's acting ability was the best I've seen him perform ever. He deserved the Oscar. And the movie did win Best Picture, I think. Isn't it amazing how quickly the winners names fade so quickly from our memories? I think I enjoyed Secretariat a little bit more............and we saw Burlesque last week also. I loved that!! I'd never paid much attention to Christina Aguillara (might have that spelling wrong) but she was a good actress and a great singer. She has a new fan now.

OK............Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week! Look for the sun!! We know it's up there somewhere!!

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