Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't ever get suckered into getting a game on your computer where you have to download something called ''. I've spent hours trying to get it off.........but OFF it finally is! Arggg!
It was not only but a lot of other arty kind of downloads that attached themselves.....and weather station, too. tried and was taking over my home page with no way to delete it. Finally I did the 'restore computer' a couple of times. Had to be a couple of times since the first time it took off my McAfee too. What a hastle! But all is good now. Just be forewarned!

Saw a good movie last night........"Hereafter" with Matt Damon. Norm fell asleep but I enjoyed it. It was produced by Clint Eastwood which shows what he might be mulling over in his head these days.....That time of life comes to all eventually.

The top photo was taken of a flower arrangement that sits on my table. The pale leaves almost look like flowers themselves.............and the second are some dried grasses from a friend's compost pile in her garden. Anything that has the look of unusual grasses and I'm attracted to it.

Can you believe that it's Friday again, already?? This week has gone by waaaay too fast. Did manage to get more gardening in despite dodging the rain showers. Earlier in the week we were up in Coos Bay. It rained the whole way up and pretty heavy at times. But everytime we had to get out of the car to run in somewhere, the rain would stop. Then start in again........out we'd be......the rain would stop........and so it went the whole day. Weather made to order! Just the way we like it!

I wonder if many other enjoy 10 year old boys as much as I do. I have been getting so many chuckles out of weekly emails that my nephew has been sending out. The typo's are hysterical as are the workings of a young boy's thinking. He makes up these crazy things each (brave) person is supposed to eating pickled eggs with maggots. When one of the dares was to jump down from a chair, I realized that these activities were probably not for parachute allowed, I assume..........Or...........Tell your Mom that you are moving to Spain and walk out the door. On and on they go. So cute........

OK........that's it for this week I guess...........Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!


  1. New subscriber, Donna. Looking forward to it. ...Hope your and Norm's weekend is relaxing and enjoyable as well. ...Dave A.

  2. Love the photos! And I just added Hereafter to my Netflix queue :)