Thursday, May 5, 2011


These two photos are from my "abstract" folder and help express what my last 7 days have been like of late. The first one says.........'windswept, whirling thoughts and feelings, chaos, unstable and grasping for meaning and control.' So, Betty was found. Course, everyone is angry at her and I'll just leave it at that, other than to say, yes she was OK. Not dead somewhere, with all the ugly thoughts and images that went along with it.

And, here is where I'm trying to find myself now............'Reflections of puffy, pastel and gentle clouds on the placid waters.'

Thanks to all who sent support, prayers and offers of help. It meant the world and I love you all.

Let's practice being kind to one another.........

"Listening is a form of accepting."

Stella Terrill Mann

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