Monday, May 9, 2011

A BIRD IN THE HAND............

We're trying to feed the birds again this summer. I've mentioned here and on Facebook how the bears did a lot of damage a few years ago, so we just gave up. Now, we bring in the seed feeder at night and we keep the large sack of sunflower seeds in the garage. We had once kept it on our deck in a covered container, which the bears, a sow and at least one cub, happily ripped apart, trailing bird seed down the deck, through the yard, over the fence and down the trail into the canyon. All the sweet little creatures of the forest happily munched away for days on their discovered feast. Unfortunately, though, we haven't seen any goldfinches that have discover the sunflower seeds. We used to use flax seed but thought we'd try something less expensive finches. Today we did get what I think is an oriole........these are the photos I caught through the window. I wish I had gotten a shot of the hummingbird that was over checking out the oriole. Seeing who's new in the 'hood'.

I hope that other birds eventually show up........I didn't think they could see me taking their photo, but by the looks of this pose, I think I was discovered, don't you??

"Let your heart's light guide you to my house.

Let your heart's light show you that we are one." Rumi

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