Sunday, January 9, 2011


These are some of the photo I took in Bandon last week when I found my camera case empty and was stuck using my little pocket Kodak. They tide was coming in, the seas were high and it was a pretty exciting scene to watch. Even looking at the progression of photos I took, rapid viewing, made me feel a little motion of a couple of the larger waves rolling in. I got some pretty good splashes anyway. And an HDR is the last one, but rather poor quality because the resolution with the Kodak is not very high. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I did. Had two great lunches at Redfish as well as spending time with some great women friends. Visited Jeffrey's Salon in Langlois (also known as Tim's). He does have some pretty neat things for sale, as well as him being a magician with hair styling.
And hasn't the weather been great? Very crisp and cold just like winter is supposed to be. As I drove up to Langlois yesterday I noticed the elk herd is still hanging out in the Sixes pasture (west side of 101). I wonder if they're going to take up permenent residence. They sure are magnificant looking animals. If you have a chance try to go take a look. It's attracting a number of people who looked like they were just passing through, to stop and take photos or just watch.
I can picture a new coffee shop there with viewing the elk as an added enticement. Course elk are gonna go where elk want'a go, so a coffee shop might not be a sure business after all. The elk would be a little unreliable............8-))
Have a good start to your new week and I hope to share more new photos from around the area. Happy Monday!!

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