Friday, January 21, 2011


More bluff than any showers.....maybe a wee bit of mist. But the sky was beautiful and changing every time you looked away for a second.

Met with friends for a nice lunch down at Griff's on the dock. That restaurant sure has the atmosphere! It's sort of funky and being right down there on the dock so you're treated to watching the fishing industry of Port Orford come and go There are tourists, fishermen, various mutts of all sizes and breeds and of course, the weather which can be very thrilling at times, to say the least. Griff's dining room has big windows on two sides so everyone can usually get some kind of a view. And what dock-side menu would be complete without lots of various fish dishes offered. They have a gift shop as well as a little market where one can buy fresh fish.......whatever might be in season at that time. It's a pretty cool place and no stop-by in Port Orford would be complete without a stop here. And if you can stay a little longer, you might call over to the Compass Rose B & B to see if they have a vacancy.......... A stay over at this particular home away from home is really a treat. You just not want to ever leave!

I took a number of photos on the way down to the dock, at the dock, just before and after buying some live crab, and then again on the way past the Fishermen's Memorial. I think I hit them all!
And that crab was fantastic!! Couldn't get any fresher unless we wanted sushi.........which is not gonna' happen in MY kitchen! 8-((
And those appliances did arrive after I left for lunch..........and it was all done and delivered and ready to use by the time I got home. AND my new laptop computer arrived today! A full day.
Norm is now watching a movie which I purposely avoided on the Netflix list and with good reason. Unfortunately, HBO thought otherwise, so I'm enjoying my solitude as he watches "Drag Them Into Hell). Doesn't that sound like a real winning movie?? Hope it doesn't give him nightmares! Ha!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.......and to my grandsons.......Pay attention and DRIVE SAFE~!

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