Sunday, January 2, 2011


Langlois is only about 15 minutes or so to the north of Port Orford but it feels like a different 'country' to me. They have sights along Hwy 101 like this wide-open pasture land. There are sheep and cattle scattered here and there........maybe a few horses, too. In this first photo, aren't those clouds something to behold?? Breath-taking!
And the Langlois hills to the east of the highway, remind me so much of the highlands of Scotland. A much, much "wee-er" version, to be sure, but that's what I think of. Especially when there are times when the sun hitting the clouds can cause such dramatic shadows on the ground. And, thankfully, minus the 'once-in-every-100-year' heat wave that I was NOT dressed for while on that trip. I brought most clothes as if I were traveling to Alaska so was pretty uncomfortable in all my woolies. We were told, though, that there were many times when we wouldn't have seen the edge of the road (VERY narrow roads!) and I did get to see lots of highland cattle wandering around loose while they grazed. So, if you haven't had a trip to Scotland and wonder what it might look like, just travel up/down to Langlois on the Oregon coast, for those of you who don't live in this area.

In the town of Langlois itself, you'll find some cute little shops that sell art, Jeffrey's salon which is always changing it's very fun merchandise, a unique food market that sells the best ice cream cones, has wonderful hot dogs with their own mustand (World-famous, I'm sure). There's LaLabelles with the best tasting scones and speciality coffee, of course a feed and grange and real estate in case you'd like to have your own little piece of heaven.
Hope your Monday is a good one and full of optimism towards the new year!

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