Thursday, January 27, 2011


No dock worth it's salt would not have it's share of dogs hanging around. A couple of these pets I've seen down there many times........They belong to Vickie, I think. This first one was following one of the fishmen around.......waiting faithfully outside an office until his guy came back for him.
And this second little cutie is just so precious that I think he's tied up so people won't just pick him up and carry him home! The kind of little guy that just wiggles with joy whenever he makes eye contact with yet another adoring fan. I assume this is a little male because of the colors in his stylish costume. So cute!! Now this third pooch, I just watched as he scratched away with vigor. You see that green tennis ball just beyond his mouth?? That means that he loves for you to throw and him to fetch. I've been trapped into this game too many times to want to play it anymore. I remember years ago visiting a very sweet friend and her loyal companion. "Loyal Companion" would not stop bringing me his soggy, smelly ball. I reeked of dog salvia! now I see a dog, a ball and I don't stir up any interaction with said dog. But as one of the dockside dogs, this guy deserved his place on my blog, too.

Isn't this weather just great lately?? We let the fire burn down instead of adding any more wood to it this morning.........last night I thought I'd die of the heat. I had flannel sheets on the bed which made a fast switch with some percale this morning. It was so warm I even washed my car today. I figured the rain had taken it's turn and now it was mine. So........nice and shining clean. Oh, wait! Doesn't that mean it's going to rain soon??

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  1. oh great.... I washed mine today as well...I NEVER wash my car, so let's hope we didn't jinx the weather. nice dogs. hope all is good good with you, cheryl