Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been wanting to take some photos of this lake for years. I usually forget until I'll well past it and it seems too much trouble to turn around and go back. I see it from a busy Virginia Ave across from Staples. The trees and curve of the lake is something that is artistically appealing.....and so natural looking. Maybe because it IS, huh?Norm got a new chainsaw.......the third one in just a month. He bought one that was re-conditioned but obviously a lemon. Back it went. He paid more money and bought one that was brand new, and obviously a lemon since the starter wouldn't start. Today was a "right-on". He went over to friend Doug's since this is an area that Doug knows well. A few hours he came back and declared the new chainsaw a winner. Ahhhh........now he can get to some of the brushing work that had been started and left uncompleted last month.
Everything around our life is fairly quiet these days. We're having our 38th anniversary this weekend.......I think I mentioned that in another blog post but I enjoy repeating myself on this topic! 8-))
OK......over and out for today. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and start making good plans for the weekend coming up. Start thinking of Super-Bowl Sunday in a few more weeks, too. I feel disappointed that the Jets didn't make it, but by game-time, I'll be behind maybe the Steelers.......or maybe the other guys; who knows.

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  1. Its a beautiful place, although I have not been there for years! Nice images Donna! And Happy Anniversary! We celebrate our 35th in July.