Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My computer has been down and out ............. all day yesterday and a lot of today. Thankfully, we know a computer wizard who knows all and fixes all with the stroke of his magic wand.......in this case it was many, many strokes.........but fix it he did. I find it a funny coincidence that I just ordered a new laptop the other day........and I hope it gets here quickly since no one really knows how long the present one is going to keep going. One of the great mysteries of life! But, right now...........this instant..........it's running and our fingers and toes are all crossed that it keeps up the 'good fight'.
These are all some older photos that I grabbed up. The first two are from a walk I took and some of the reminders of the warmer days of summer and autumn. The one below was taken from a friend's house.......beautiful view they have, huh? A couple of those trees will need pruning back soon though. Nature does fill in quickly around our area. But it's still a great view of the dock and beyond "the gate" to Paradise Point State Park off-shore.

Our days have been nice a chilly lately, haven't they. Yesterday on our way up to Coos Bay, in driving over Beaver Hill, I saw left over snow along the side of the road. And I think they're supposed to get some over in Eugene and up in Beaverton tonight. More rain for us. I think I prefer that to the icy roads we've had lately. Nothing like suddenly sliding sideways in your car with no control to make you very alert........... just as suddenly. Yikes! That's more eye-opening that a cup of extra espresso. 8-0
Hope you all have a great Wednesday............half-way home to the weekend!

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