Saturday, January 15, 2011


The weather and my schedule hasn't really allowed me free time to enjoy taking new photos so I found myself looking through some old ones and reworking a few. I still need to practice a bit more with my new plug-in software. Working with color just seemed 'off' for me today and I was more drawn to the black and white. Then I found I very much liked the ultra softness I could play around with and how this reflected some of my feelings of late. I've thought a lot lately about my various friendships in this area and those of far away and still dear friends.......The last few weeks has brought me in contact with both along with a realization of how very fortunate and blessed I am with these wonderful people in my life. They all reflect different parts of me....both by their personalities, qualities and talents as well as the very (right) time of interaction. All have so much that they contribute to my life and just by their very nature as fellow human beings, so enrich me. I really treasure each and every one. So........that explains the softness of the photos. (And here I thought you'd never ask!!) All three of these photos were taken on another special day spent with dear friends out at the Bandon Dunes.

Saw the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" last night. It wasn't what I was expecting but still very good. A "Chick-Flix" as Norm called it. But sort of in keeping with the Paulo Coehlo books I've been reading lately.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend inspite of the gray skies and increasing rain. Good day to curl up with a good book........or watch football.

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