Monday, January 3, 2011


These are a couple of photos I took yesterday on the way home from Coos Bay. The Davis Slough was so calm and placid........beautiful and demanding of a photo. I ask Norm to stop but too late to have him stop on the over-pass and turn-off to Coquille. There was another little pull out a short ways up and it gave me the opportunity to snap a few in an area I had missed on earlier stops. I would have liked to not have had the clear-cut in the background, but that's our little bit of reality living where we do. And it supplies needs of many a people, so I can't really complain........I do hate to see trees cut down, though. Even one. When we lived in the California foothills many years ago, Norm and his brother Ed, would wait for me to travel into town for my weekly shopping and then rip out their chainsaws and go at some poor unsuspecting tree that they thought might be shading the garden too much. I could complain and fuss all I wanted to, but the dirty-deed was a done-deal, for all the good it did me!
Aren't we getting our share of great weather?? I read there's a freeze watch for tonight so the roads could be slick tomorrow morning. But this sun sure warms up our house in the afternoon. It's a different story when the sun drops........instant cold. But that's how winter is supposed to behave, huh? We're having some overnight guests in a couple of days so my day was baking bread, scones and cooking up some babyback ribs........a good day for it.
Well, everyone that plans of being on the road tomorrow carefully and have a great day!

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