Monday, January 31, 2011


You have to really feel for the people who live back east or in the mid-west. All the snow, ice and frigid temperatures they're having to endure. I enjoy a little bit of the white stuff occasionally. I've only been around snow storms that have made life a little difficult a couple of times......and I undoubtedly really don't have a clue as to how bad it can get. We've been having such warm winter weather here in south Oregon, that I've had the chance to take a few photos of blooms around the house. The first one on top is a little pansy that wintered over and is trying to regain it's hold for this year. Every spring, my friend Elaine, has brought me over on Mother's Day, a basket of cheerful and colorful pansies. And seeing as Elaine is a talented artist, the colors in the basket always mind me of her talent.

This second shot is of one of our rock roses out in front. It's a very hardy plant.....surviving is just about the worst soil on our property. It never even gets watered that much which you'd never guess from the fragil look of it's blossoms. I really like the focus and composition in this photo. I might just have a print made in a larger size. So....what are you doing with this false spring we're having? Norm has his various vegetable seeds spread out in planning for the years garden. I noticed that the acacia trees are starting to bloom which explains my sinus attack of the last couple of days. Achoo!!

If anyone in our area has put any sensitive plants out you might want to cover them with something tomorrow night. I saw where there is a freeze alert. It's always a balancing act between winter warm weather in forcing some blooms on fruit crops and hoping the freezes doesn't wipe out this year's crop. I'm hoping for a better crop on our pear trees since Norm pruned and sprayed them today. Reminds me of how I need to do the same for my roses.
So.........lots of outdoor activities planned. Take advantage of these days because winter is still not finished with us, I'm sure.
Have a great week!!

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  1. Pansy's for Mothers Day! How sweet of Elaine. Lovely color.