Monday, April 25, 2011


We had some time to kill this morning and the dock is always one of our favorite drop-by's. You might think that it would be the same old dock, never any changes. But if you live or spend anytime on any coastline, you know that it's never the same. Everything atmospheric guarantees change every second......even my mood influences the photos I choose to take, how I edit them, and which ones I post.
This first shot is looking down at the dock from up on one of Port Orford's overlooks. The sun was trying to break through the gray skies and was making some progress.....enough to make the sky dramatic. Same thing goes with this flock of pelicans that were heading north..........I always find migrating bird flocks very moving and very amazing. And I always hope they all make it to where they're heading and will be returning again next year. Sort of like our tourists! 8-))

Norm and I stopped in Siren's this morning for a cup of mocha. Yum! As always!! Carrie showed us the new kitchen equipment that is in place and getting ready for the addition of pizza to the menu. We're all looking forward to it and wishing Diane and crew much success. Yum!

Is anyone else having as much trouble this spring with allergies as I am? All around our place and especially noticable on the cars, is pollen. I don't know what kind, probably from one or more of the trees. The wind has been up a little which really riles it up. Kleenex and allergy tabs are the order of these days.............Sneeze, cough-cough.

Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter Sunday and have a great rest of the day and tomorrow!


  1. The clouds ARE very dramatic! We've been seeing some large flocks of geese flying overhead, heading north. Spring CAN'T be too far away! Sure was windy lasy night. Looking forward to having pizza in town again!

  2. It was great to see both you and Norm yesterday! Striking capture of the clouds above, I love them :)

    See you friday?