Sunday, April 10, 2011


Nothing quite gives me a feeling of satisfaction as does the back garden being weed-whacked. It makes such a difference in the over-all look of the garden. At the same time, as I wandered around in my 'whacking-mode', I did see how much needed still to be done. More than the last time I made that same statement. I also began some cutting back of last year's left overs and some that didn't escape damage after our snow days of this past winter. By the look of some of the other blooms, in spite of the neglect they've endured, not only suvived but are showing off gorgeous colors and a healthy growth that give me an enthusiasm for more "getting out there" and doing. So, here I am ready to go and the weather has done another switch. It's not raining (yet) but it's a cold wind that's blowing. I did replant some mint that had taken over one of Norm's pots that is designated as a future home to one of his tomato plants. He's been a good sport about roses suddenly showing up in many of his planters, but not so much now that he's tending to his little veggies. Otherwise known as his babies or creations. more sneaking new plants or cuttings into any of his vegetable pots.
The first photo up there is of my grape hyaciths that have such a beautiful does one of my favorites, the flowering current. I love this shrub. It grows wild here, although I transplanted the couple that I have from other locations. They're one of the very first announcements that Spring is here.

Norm and I are going to over to do some shopping in Roseburg this week. It's been a number of years since we've been there and I'm hoping that there will be some photo opportunities for me. It's predicted to rain, but you never know. I'm looking forward to seeing some different landscape than where we've been.....although our changing weather and the diversity of it always has a different face on Mother Nature. Still, I'm prepared to enjoy something of a change.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a good week with plenty of optomistic spring to your step!

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