Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tomorrow I'm planning on heading back over towards Coquille to hopefully get some of those photos that we couldn't stop for last week. I hope the weather cooperates. It was nice today, huh? A little on the cool side but the wind seems to be coming from the north which is our summer cooling system, so things are a'changin....

These are a couple of shots from last week or so. The first one is the beautiful azalea hedge in front of Dr. Soper's dental office up in Bandon. It's right on Hwy 101 and I think it will still be in bloom. Try to catch a glimpse if you drive by.

The second photo is easily to recognize by south coasties.........Bandon lighthouse across the Coquille River. Aren't those clouds something else?? Our beautiful skies!

I got some new shoes recently...........Sketchers. I really haven't had any trouble walking in them....in fact they're pretty comfortable. They say that these shoes "may" firm you up and help you lose some weight............Haven't seen much of that yet! But one of my grandson's called Sunday and asked me if I'd go skydiving with him this September. Told him, probably, but I could lose a little weight first. Maybe the Sketchers will also help my landing so I don't do an imitation of a pelican instead of a swan for this next dive. The first one was less than stellar but at least I did come out of it in one piece!

"Thoughts are like Boomerangs."

Eileen Caddy, 'The Dawn of Change'

So let's all try to keep them positive. The world is in enough turmoil these days!

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