Thursday, September 3, 2009


We had a chimney sweeper come today to clean our fireplace before the winter cold arrives. He brought his dog, Boozer, with him. Boozer arrived at his name because he was found outside a liquor store when he was such a little guy that his body was then the size of what his head is now! Boozer is a dog of many talents, it seems. He taught himself how to climb the ladder to be with his owner and buddy, Rodney. My favorite photo is the 3rd one where Boozer is sitting up on the roof looking very pleased with high and mighty! But, Boozer has not yet figured how to climb back down the ladder by himself.....and trustingly allows Rodney to carry him down over his shoulder. Let's hope that Boozer doesn't put on much more weight!
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  1. Cool and cute dog. I couldn't imagine how you train this animal. This dog is totally awesome and smart. I am thinking how much its chimney sweep cost. lol..