Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's raining today but between showers Norm and I thought we'd go see what
was going on down at the dock. I had meant to take a photo of the boat hoist.....
trying to be fair to those that enjoy seeing tools and such....but I easily got side-tracked
by (my favorite!) gulls! In the first photo, I'm as taken with the color distortions on
the water as I am with the seagull. And I just don't want to hear that those beautiful
swirls on the water might well be oil. The second photo was taken just because he was
there and looking so clean and tidy in spite of where he standing.
Now the third and fourth.....on the rock......way up at the top you can see a little
smiggen of dark and to the left of that, a little white. Blown up in photo #4 you can see
that it's an oyster catcher with his bright orange bill cleaning himself and to the right
is another white seagull. I do love my telephoto lens.
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