Monday, August 31, 2009


Whoa!! Someone had waaayyy too much to eat!

I spotted these two burros one day on the way up to Coos Bay. We take Seven Devil's
Road and there's a little fence that can be seen from the road. Ever since I saw them, months ago
I've always looked again, hoping they'd be out and I could take some photos of
them. Well, this morning I saw them right up close to the fence! But, as luck would
have it, we had an appointment to keep and didn't want to take the time that my husband
knows I would take, to photograph them.......after all, I do have to have a little chat and
pat with them! I had very little hope they'd be visible again on our way home, but, they were and
even though they weren't up close to the fence, I'd still be able to use my telephoto
and get some decent shots in. But as soon as I walked up they started coming in my
direction. Friendliest little guys!! Curious about the 'thing' around my neck that was
making such odd clicking noises, so I let them sniff the side of it (Norm yelling in the
background "Don't let them get the lens with their noses!!") But, aren't they so cute??
I just wanted to take them home with me. Sigh-sigh. Oh well............
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