Tuesday, September 22, 2009


These last blooms of summer are reminders of friendships from my past. The
first was a white hydranga I got slips of from Carol....but the photo that is posted here
is for Bernice. It's a small bush that got tucked away in the back of the garden and
pretty well left to survive on it's own.....and doing a pretty good job.
The second is one of my favorite roses.....from Betty....again, another slip. The name
is New Dawn and with so many petals and a wonderful fragrance! The deer got into the
garden one night recently and left it bare, but Bless it's little heart....one last bloom!
Finally, I've carried slips with me of this little pink climber all the way from when I
lived in the Gold Country of California almost 17 years ago! Faye gave me a bouquet one spring. When
I went to change the water I saw that it was starting to develop roots. It's so hearty
for it fragile appearance......it's also one of my favorites. Just like Faye!
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