Friday, September 25, 2009


I'll probably be posting photos I took in Bandon for a few days, at least. It was
so windy and chilly that there was no point it photographing many people since
they all looked like they were on a tour of the glaciers in Alaska! All bundled
up with only their eyes showing through their windbreakers. Haa! And they
call Port Orford windy! Anyway, the first photo is of a display of those colorful
pinwheel suckers. I don't see them too often and they're probably now thought of
as old-fashioned (sigh......). I regret the reflection of the wrapper but, "Oh Well"....
The second photo is of a well-known landmark in Bandon, The Clock Tower. I
really like the way that photo turned out. Wha'cha think?
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