Sunday, September 13, 2009


I look at other photographer's photos and blogs.....a lot! Every once in a while
I come across a photo of something very ordinary that I've never bothered thinking about.......and I admire their photos. So.....Faucets!! Something that I use when I must and otherwise find pretty boring. So I gave myself this assignment....photograph faucets. To be
perfectly honest, I still find them pretty boring. But the photo's....especially the first
and last, I like the way I can see the intensity of colors. The colors are probably
subjective since I never bothered to really LOOK and the colors have been there all
the time.....But I like the rust....and whatever
it is that's turning the handle itself white and maroon and the turquoise
and blues of the 'thing' that holds it on the wall. So, next time I need to use an
outside hose, I'll try to notice the mundane as something that also holds some
beauty if I give myself the time to look at it and SEE.

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