Monday, February 14, 2011


I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's in some unique way. Some of you might have had dinner out, received a beautiful card or even a spectacular kiss!! Our Valentine's Day can also become special by thinking with love towards someone special who might not be able to be with us right now.......however you spend it, may yours be filled with affection, friendship and love!
These two photos were taken from up on Coast Guard Hill here in Port Orford. I was happy to see that they were blurred because that wind was whipping up into a wild frenzy, letting me rockn'roll!! The first photo is viewing Humbug Mountain with "her head in the clouds"......that always means rain.
The second is from the lovely coastal garden of Karen and Jim Auborn. Love the contrast in color and texture of the rosemary and grass, don't you?
So, hope your Monday is off to a good rest of the week...........stay dry and hopefully earth-bound...........It sure is windy and wet!!

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  1. What a great shot of a topless Humbug :-) The clouds over and around the mountain can be so unique and interesting!