Monday, February 21, 2011


A few more photos that I took last week. There was one evening after some rain when the late afternoon sky was just incredible. That's what this first photo is all about. Looks like Heaven is speaking, huh?
Speaking of weather (sort of.....) have you read where we are supposed to have quite an artic blast coming down from the north mid-week. Snow is forcast for here in Port Orford.... probably, it won't amount to much or stick around very long, but I do remember the snow and ice storm when we first moved to Port Orford..........Everything shut down, except everyone's water pipes that broke. This one is supposed to have record lows so you might want to be prepared.
I'll be cooking up a big pot of split pea soup. That's nice comfort food for a cold day......

This photo was taken on a very calm day up on a portion of Davis Slough, outside of Coos Bay. I'm going to print it on pastel paper and try out some paint or pastel on it. I"m still in my "experimenting" mode.
So, tomorrow we have mail delivered again and the work week starts anew. Have a good one everyone!


  1. I got a nearly identical photo to your first one of the clouds this last
    week, too. Wasn't our sky just incredible?

    I have decided to start working on my blog nearly daily like you do, so I'll
    start that this week. Can't wait!

    It was wonderful to see you yesterday :)

  2. The approaching winter storm is getting lots of hype. Doesn't sound good. Hopefully the tsunami siren won't short circuit when (if) it gets icy :-)

    Marvelous cloudscape Donna! We have had some gorgeous clouds.