Monday, February 7, 2011


We went to pay the electric bill today and I just so happened to have my camera with me! What are the odds?? We drove on over the our beautiful mosaic kiosk, compliments of Port Orford fantastic artist, Cheryl Morse and those clouds were too fantastic to pass up. Before I even aimed seaward, this pretty little seagull decided to pose for me. Those who don't live in Port Orford might not know how many really talented, prolific and fantastic bird photographers there are here. I photography seagulls......pretty much ONLY seagulls. There are a lot of them.....they aren't afraid of me and like this one, will even land close by. They're the perfect birds for me to shoot. And someone needs to elevate the status of one of our most common feathered friends.

This second shot was looking down towards the dock with one fishing boat coming in for the day. I liked this one a lot and it cleans up very nicely when viewed on Large.
Then our friend, Rick came over for another afternoon of trying to straighten out my new computer.......not 'try'.........that would be me. He actually DID it. Norm and I call him Mr. Wizard. And it's wonderful the have all this working as it supposed it........Thank you, yet again, Mr. Francona.


  1. Donna - congrats on the gull photo! I believe that is a first for you, correct? Well done.
    I thought you carried your camera with you everywhere? :-)