Saturday, February 12, 2011


These two photos were fun to take and play around with, editing. I'd seen similiar abstracts by other photographers and have been wanting to try this for a while. I liked the way the forest above turned out. I have others that I'll post every so often as fill ins. The forest photo I simply moved my camera up and down while snapping. I don't know if this was moving the camera up or it was a down-shot. Doesn't matter, really. The one below of the grass, I twisted the camera.

We had to make a trip up to Coos Bay today. I'd forgotten how traffic was pretty heavy on Saturday's. We stayed away from driving through Charleston since they were having an annual crab feed and we know how packed that little town can get!! And then there were the couple of drivers moseying along on 101 at a whopping 30 MPH!! Makes you understand how road-rage can take over some drivers.
But I did accomplish returning the first Kindle and getting another that will, hopefully, give me no problems. I should have a book downloaded before the night has passed. In fact, I need to do that now........
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone, and if you do go out in this blustery weather be careful to not become airbourne! It is windy!
And a P.S. to friends Karen & Doug.........the bagels were wonderful!! Thanks for thinking of us. Yum!! I'm now a 'bagel-believer'!!

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