Sunday, February 20, 2011


One of my favorite historical figures has always been Abraham Lincoln and all that he has come to stand for. My father and his twin sister, Dorothy, shared that birthdate with Honest Abe. I still have a very old doll from an aunt's collection that is of Lincoln......made of cloth and plaster. One of my family treasures. And of course, George Washington, being our first president and born in February also, shares in the celebration. I have to admit that most President's Day, I think little if anything about what the holiday stands for, other than it's one of our national mail and a day off from working (back when). It's an added bonus of writing my little blog that it gave me reason to think about it.........So many things that I and maybe others, take for granted with hardly a passing thought. A friend mentioned to me recently about striving to "embracing the moment". I loved those words! Another much loved family member talks about how joyful it is when she's able to live in "the Now". And maybe that would include being a little more thoughtful of what President's Day stands for. Both of these photos are more explorations of mine. The first is of a dried and bedraggled by winter, thistle. I purposely tried blurring it.........I had no problem there! 8-) Then lighting it against the faded background. The second is of another dried grass stem..........I like the flow of it as well as the depth of focus. Like I said........just experimenting.......seeing what might work and hope that I don't cringe when looking back at these in another few weeks!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow!

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