Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, it is December so what else can we expect?? We all know it rains in Oregon so we need to make the most of it. Personally, I enjoy the effects of my photography more in the winter months. The soft look that the mist and gray overhead gives everything is appealing. Course, here I am enjoying the soft look but at the same time still experimenting with HDR! Go figure!! This first shot was taken today on Paradise Point Road looking from the low point towards Lake Garrison. There were a couple of pretty little wood ducks down there but they quickly paddled away when I got closer. I know there are a number of wood duck nests that some of the local residents have built, and I think they were occupied this summer. I'll have to double check on that.....
This second photo was taken from the bluff at Paradise Point SP. The sea was pretty churned up although maybe it doesn't show that much in this shot.
I received an email from a friend today that told me she just returned from a trip over to India and Nepal. She usually goes to Mexico every winter but it doesn't seem the safest place to visit these days. She is someone who reminds me of the infamous "Auntie Mame". Flamboyant, outrageous and willing to try just about everything. She's a fascinating woman to listen to, believe me. I'm anxious to hear all about her newest adventures on this latest journey to dark and far-a-way places. Last year she went to Uganda to see the low-land gorillas. Another year it was somewhere in South America climbing up a mud hill while the local government helicoptors were not too pleased with whatever they were doing. I probably shouldn't supply too many details here......just needless to say, she lives a very stimulating life!! And good for's fun to listen to but I'm very happy here with Norm enjoying in the quaint and quirky little fishing town of Port Orford. If we want excitement here we might go out to Cape Blanco in January and open our jackets to our arms to see how far we might fly.......Or climb the Headlands trail and see if we can spot any whales. One of my favorites is the 4th of July parade when the U.S. Coast Guard flies overhead and me!!! I'm sure of it!!
Have a great Thursday!!


  1. Beautiful photos; they belong on a calendar.

    Oh, and your adventurous friend does live an
    interesting life.

  2. I saw the wood ducks yesterday too. They sure are pretty! Someday maybe I'll get a good photo of them.

    These are a couple of great pics, Donna! Next we'll see some soft HDR :-)

    Hey... I thought the Coast Guard guys were waving at me!