Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone's Christmas celebrations were as nice as ours. Now... today is quiet and with the wind blowing, and sometimes howling, it's a good time to be still and reflect. This morning a high school classmate and I were exchanging a few comments via Facebook, on San Francisco history. And as I was sitting in the front room and looking over my Christmas tree, I was again noticing how much my history was contained there. There are far too many ornaments and little mementos for me to write on each one but I thought I'd share a few. This first one is so beautiful......I thought so when I bought it and that hasn't changed for me over the years. I found it up in Sitka while on an Alaskan cruise. Sitka was on the itinerary and this ornament was one of their acknowledgments of the Russian heritage in that town. It was a wonderful trip and I'd love to go back sometime. Beautiful country and it was on that trip that it clicked in my mind that Port Orford, although not quite as dramatic, was the same 'Pacific Northwest' and that the California that I'd left was a very different part of the country.
This acorn is for my niece, Lauren, who shares my love of acorns. This ornament is a newcomer this year and will be a happy reminder of those who are in my life presently, all of whom are very precious to me..........all family and friends. And so many friends are family of the heart.

Ahhhh........One of my favorite memories is this little cookie. A wonderful group of women and I held weekly 'A Course In Miracles' study group. One of the women had Ray's Market make up these sugar cookies for everyone. Being the packrat and collector of 'everything -in the -world -with meaning -for -me, I couldn't stand to not save at least one. So, I dried it, sprayed it, and handle it ever so gently every year. It has to be at least 10 years or more. But "Expect A Miracle" has been my mantra through many a time. And in celebrating yet another miracle for 2010, we drop down to my final photo of the day.......Norm decked out like a Christmas tree in his own right! My very special and precious gift and feeling healthier by the day! And so 2010 is winding down and right now, this very second, I can't think of a single reason to not rejoice!!

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