Friday, December 17, 2010


I hope everyone is getting in the spirit of Christmas. With all the commercialism that constantly surrounds us, it's hard sometimes to remember some of the more valuable elements of this season. No matter what your religious or spiritual leanings are, this time of year can become the time to remember and practice our appreciation of one another. And there are some days that it's harder to do that than others. At least for me. was a good day and it always seems so easy and natural when I have one of those lovely days. The sun was out....sort of.......not a sparkling example but good enough that I was able to (finally!) get out in the yard and get that weed-whacking done that was supposed to have been done...... oh, back in October.
And once that's done, the rest of the gardening looks a great deal neater and encourages me to tackle the rest of what begs to be done.

Norm is feeling so good that he's been out doing some yard work. In fact he was out there most of the day, I think. He's sensible so he knows not to over-do things. And if he needs help, he asks now. He needs a new chain saw which we'll get on Monday, I think. He's 'only' had this one for about 18-20 years!! And it's not as if it hasn't gotten used. Now, how is it that he uses a chain saw, which is used for pretty rugged work, for that long and after only 2 years I need another new computer?? I'm thinking of a lap top........and wait for the January sales.

Well, as you can see by my photos today, I'm all into celebrating Christmas.....and maybe a little on the giddy side. 8-))) This first shot is a little decorative touch that I have on a table........come to think of it, so is the second photo!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the colors of today's in contrast with the black and whites of yesterday.

The time has finally come.........the weekend is actually here and you're all set to do some really neat stuff, aren't you?? Well, go and enjoy!!

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