Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wow!! These are busy, busy days, aren't they?? Cookies to bake, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, packages to mail, etc. etc. The weather hasn't really allowed much photo shooting either but today that changed!! Yaaaa!~..........there were a lot of various sights along Hwy 101 on the way home from Coos Bay today. We stopped off at a couple of places in Bandon, then here and there along the highway. This pretty horse I spotted in Denmark. He pastures with another roan horse but 'Oats', as I've named him, was the more curious one. His coloring was like an albino so his eyes were a little weird to figure out. I'm sure there's a special name for an albino horse but I don't know what it would be.............probably something like "albino horse"!!
The skies were spectacular this afternoon. Big thunder-bumpers were developing towards the east and this second photo was taken almost to the corner of Seabird and Hwy 101 in Bandon. We had been told a number of years ago that there was a Bi-Mart scheduled to be built there, but nothing ever happened. That one large flat stretch seems like an ideal location for some kind of business...........How about a TJ Maxx???? Or a Trader Joe's??

Well, Norm continues to amaze the doctor's with his rapid healing. All doctor's have given him an A-OK and none want to see him for another couple of months. He's back on a normal diet, he asked and got the ok to take walks, lift weights, and (his all-time-favorite!) DRIVE!! We weren't even out the door before he was after the car keys! "Gee, Norm..........I might get the mistaken idea that you don't care much for my driving"!! 8-)) Anyway, it's good to see him getting more and more back to good health. He still needs to re-gain weight.......I think it's because his internal healing is still going on and that takes a lot of energy so the weight gain might be a little slower than he'd like. I'm just happy that he's home and feeling good again! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and it'll be a great Merry Christmas!!
Hope you're all enjoying the season. Have a great Wednesday........it's that happy half-way mark again and the weekend will be here before you know it!! 8-)

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  1. Hi Donna,
    Sure glad that Norm is healing - what a relief!
    Love the sky picture - and the horse one also, but try cropping the left side of the photo of the horse to see how you like that. It is really a portrait shot and with the horse looking back you may be able to remove the lighted left and bring the focus completely on the horses face!
    Nice to have the sun out again, isn't it?