Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is one of my favorite spots in Bandon to photograph. First off, there's that wonderful bright red bench! I'm a 'sucker' for benches. Don't know why but they've always appealed to me. They look inviting and friendly..........sort of home-spun welcome. So, there were a few different views using the red bench as the grounding foreground. Looking north in the first shot is that always (well, usually anyway) exciting sky. Especially in the winter when there is Mother Nature's sky-art continuing in expression, minute to minute.
And this second photo is looking more toward the south-west. The waves were fairly large yesterday although you can't tell in this one, but watching the waves crash over and up the rocks always is exciting to me. In contrast, in the third shot here, this man is relaxing a little after his bike-riding workout. He got up a few minutes after I shot this, saying that he might as well finish his exhausting ride. But, from MY point of view, he looked contented as he drank his water and looked out to the sea.

Hope everyone's week is going well and you have a pleasant Thursday...........I was going to the dentist but decided lunch with some friends sounded like a much better deal!! So, maybe I'll see some of you at Siren's, huh??

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