Thursday, December 16, 2010


Seems that some days just call out for softer and more muted color.......if any color at all. Our day here in Port Orford was fantastically sunny and beautiful. These photos, though, were taken when the sun was a bit bashful and wanted to remain hidden behind overcast skies.
The first shot was taken in Bandon, same spot as yesterday's. There are times when my photos are so dull on overcast days. Those are the photos I enjoy trying to enhance the black and white effects even further. I enjoy contrast a lot anyway and it makes a nice change of pace.
This photo was taken from our own Battle Rock overlook. Obviously, this cloud decided to just sit on top of the sea, surrounding the rocks and cliffs with a soft blanket of moisture. Beautiful!!
Today I happen to drive across the highway from Battle Rock and saw that Redfish was open for lunch. I guess I was mistaken that they were closed for lunch for the winter. Yaaaa!--- I was wrong!!
So, guess where we'll be having lunch next week?? I'm looking forward to it and will be there with camera and appetite both ready to click!! I might even be lucky enough to have another day, weather-wise, like today. Fingers crossed! 8-))
Have a great weekend.........make time to enjoy the different holiday decorations and cheerfulness! Ho-Ho-Ho!!

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