Sunday, December 5, 2010


OK........the tree is up!! It still needs a few 'tweaks' but the majority of work is done. All the ornaments and home dressings were up in the attic. Norm is still healing from his surgeries so our good friend, Nanci, came over to help me get all the boxes down. Next year I'll have them in a big plastic container and put them in the shed. The attic is a pretty precarious climb up that rickety ladder on narrow little steps and grasping for handles and beams to hold onto to......can't forget to look for wee beasties in webs and such, either. I was wondering, as I climbed and risked life and limb, why it was so much easier to go skydiving than to climb into that attic. Maybe in skydiving the question of whether you'll fall is pretty much taken care of when you take that first leap in faith. Still need to finish up the outside and some other decorating around the house but the tree is always the most time-consuming but the more joyful.

Tomorrow will be a good day to start the Christmas cookie baking, too. They need to go into the freezer immediately since I tend to sample and test whether they're good enough. Funny, how they always seem too.........8-))
But first thing tomorrow morning I go to visit my favorite hair dresser extraordinaire, Tim in Langlois. He's recently made another trip to New York and I'm looking forward to seeing what new items he has for sale in his salon. It's always has such a wonderful, friendly and warm feel to his place. It's just a treat to be there. And I bet it's especially so for Christmas. I'll let you know.....'s Sunday night as I sit here at my computer and almost the beginning of a new week. Hoping that yours will be happy and sunny even if the weather isn't.


  1. Donna, HDR is coming along quite well - I think this is a great look - old-timey, a bit surreal, but very welcoming!
    Way to go!

  2. Thanks, Gerry. I'm having a lot of fun with it.