Sunday, September 4, 2011


Little folks are friendly up the river. This little guy was just all charm~his dog, now, he's a different kettle of fish, isn't he? Fido was fishing also, but he came up with a rock. Not like the serious fisherman here in this second photo. I think he looks pretty cool. Including that great and probably good-luck fishing hat.

This third shot is the best I could get as we drove by these two bald eagles in the

oak trees. They always look so majestic don't they?? And I enjoy the lines of those oaks. They match in majestic dignity.

I talked to my sister today, twice actually. Most of the photos I took of her and Nick, didn't turn out very well. Darn! There is one that I might put up next posting where Nick, whose reputation for 'bonking' his head as a little kid spoke for itself, is over on his back when somehow the chair he was sitting in up-ended. It's some of that continuity of life that I love.

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day holiday tomorrow and the shortened work week ahead.

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