Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Norm had an early blood test and we ate breakfast up in Bandon. This sight at the Bandon marina had me stopping and taking a couple of photos. I don't usually see boats this big in Bandon. Then the seagulls and pilings attracted my attention more than the boat. I've only put a couple of them here.......

This apple tree was loaded with it's bright red fruit. On our own trees at home a spring storm blew off every last one of the blossoms and we have not one apple this year. But the fruit season was not a complete loss.........we did get 2, that's T-W-O! pears. Wow! Don't everyone get all envious at once, now..........

If you view this photo on large you'll get a better look at the fruit. I did work it with Topaz in hopes of letting the fruit stand out more.

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