Saturday, August 27, 2011


Such busy summe days!! While my sister and nephew were visiting us we went up on one of the jet boat rides on the Rogue. I've been a number of times and it's always different and always beautiful! This was the first time I've actually seen any bear but the view was so distant and camouflaged with trees and brush, I actually see the furry critters much better up here in Cedar Terrace. This first scene was of some Park Rangers who were pulling a large net so they could count each fish to see how the Fall Chinook were running. We stayed around a few minutes for the show. I'll probably be showing a few more from the counting. I think they were having a lot of fun......along with posing for the camera/s!

This second shot is of a peregrine nest waaaaay up at the top and the home-owner there off the the left keeping a sharp eye for anything eatable I suppose. We saw a number of them all along the river that day.

This happens to be one of my favorites of that day. We were just heading up the Rogue and the fog was hanging around making everything look soft and mysterious. I was afraid this photo wouldn't turn out because of the sun in the frame, but the fog softened it beautifully. Reminds me of a Currier and Ives. As to the rest of my recent days, there has been tons of food baking and canning and freezing since our garden is more prolific this year than the past number of summers. I'll be glad come this winter but as for now, I groan everytime I see another zucchini, beet or carrot come into the kitchen. And you can tell every day that summer is coming to an end. Leaves tuning and a new bit of chill to the air. This is my favorite season coming up. Love it and the cozy fire and comfort food.

That's it for now............Hope you're all having a great summer!!

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