Thursday, September 8, 2011


A little change from the Rogue River least for this first one. Norm made this portable rustic planter. We planted some petunias a couple of weeks ago......... add water and sun and 'voile'! Pretty, I think......the only petunias we planted this year. What has been taking over the limelight on our deck this summer is the calendula..........bright, bright orange and yellows!

But backing up the river just a little.........The homeward trek on our jet boat. One of my favorite shots of those I took is this one here below. If you see the two fishermen and see how dwarfed they are by those surrounding hills and mountains, you see how it can really allow you to feel humbled. God's own Creation that we're blessed to live in~!!! You can get a better view by clicking on the photo to see it in a larger image.

And for those of you who live here on the south coast, you'll recognize the bridge crossing over the Rogue just before it empties into the Pacific. The waters just beyond the bridge was crowded with sports fishing boats......all shapes and sizes. I don't know how they did in their luck with fishing. I didn't see all that many holding up their trophies this trip. But maybe it was just a poor day..........But not for me~It was a great trip and now it's time to think about what's around the homestead for a while.

Enjoy your weekend and the turning's here!

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