Monday, October 3, 2011


I didn't realize that I haven't blogged in a little while........soooo, I'm back.....
Birthdays, doctor appointments, canning and freezing.......all the trappings of getting ready for cooler and wet weather. We've burned a few fires (pant-pant)
made soups and comfort foods. Next will be breads but the days are tight and time is short. That will change before too long......and it's not too soon to start initial planning for the holidays. Thanksgiving will again be my favorite. A year ago at this time, Norm was feeling very bad and would soon be feeling worse. A couple of serious surgeries done Miracle-Quick would fix that. It took a lot out of him but he's made remarkable steps back into good health. Still, lots of doctor's appointments coming up from all his doctors to make sure he stays that way. He's doing well enough to complain loudly about it, which I see as a positive.

So, these two photos were taken on a little jaunt up the Sixes River Road last week. I'm in the mood for some black and white, although with the autumn colors turning more beautiful by the day, I expect I'll be shifting my attention to the technicolor world of the south coast before long. In fact, there's a certain friend who is graciously allowing me to go and take some photos of her beautiful home overlooking the Sixes River. Bubbling stream and wonderful big boulders have me looking forward to a couple of nice least not raining.

This Wednesday those who wish to exhibit their photos at South Coast Hospital in Bandon will deliver their works. I'm really looking forward to seeing the different creations that will be shown. So......those of you who live or will be traveling around the Bandon area, try to stop by and take a look. The exhibit will hang October thru December.

Hope you're all having a great week~

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