Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm not really sure which season it is.....but it feels good! This last week was good in my corner of the world. A very special visit with an old friend....meeting a new one. Sharing the day with them and catching up on news and reminiscing of old times. Some tears......but more laughs....and HOPE in spite of recent loses. I love that word! HOPE

And another get-together yesterday that was also very special where getting together, feeling comfortable with old friends........and, again, new ones, was filled with meanings of the heart. I met a lovely lady from California that I think we all hope to see again and that was a treat. It was so gratifying to hear of her first impressions of Port Orford. They echo my own feelings as a new-comer, once upon a time. Thanks, Char

You've seen my post of a few weeks ago about the new floral and gift shop in Langlois.......Simply Delightful. Well, they're starting a new tradition, I hope, where some of the consignment contributors will have a special evening to display their work and products. This Friday evening from

6-8, Lois Miller, Shayla Carpenter and myself, each of us photographers, will have our work out for all to see. Lindsay and Katie, proprietors of Simply Delightful, will have blown balloons where 3 will have coupons inside for various discounts towards items in the shop. All you have to do is show up and pop your balloon......I think. Hope to see as many of you as can make it. There will also be beverages and snacks. Should be fun!

The photos above were taken out by Garrison Lake.....The day was a little cool and breezy.....the lake colors really were that deep. I enjoy the sun-bleached dead wood against the lake blue. Nice contrast

The second was of a great little cluster of foxglove. I thought the yellow Scotch broom off to the side gave it that extra little pop.

Can't believe it's already Monday tomorrow! The beginning of another beautiful week..........I hope for all of us.

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  1. I wonder if you get this outdoor aesthetic from our lovely and young grandmother, Peggy Lattie Flynn Simon, who loved the hills of Redwood City when they were empty. She bought three lots of land there and probably dreamed of living in the 'wilds' and 'Isolation' from urban life there.
    She was only 40 or so when she bought those lots! Wish she had taken some photos, as you have done.