Thursday, June 30, 2011


What beautiful afternoon it turned out to be. I needed a new photo of Cape Blanco and it was perfect today.......little wind, clouds but blue sky. There were so many different wild flowers on the thick profusion were yarrow, foxgloves, lupines, daisies and of course, the dandelions. I even saw a wild iris or two still blooming. The wild azalea is one of my favorites and along the way to Langlois there is a spot......Floras Lake Loop.......where they grow all over on both sides and all corners of the highway. I look for them every spring/summer. is one of the photos I took today of the lighthouse. Pretty, huh?

It's one of Norm's favorites and I'm going to have it printed and framed.

Below is looking south from the cape........the pinnacle rock and looking further you can see Humbug Mountain. In the foreground you can see the lupines all blooming. One of those days where I so appreciate where we live.

I hope you all have a super 4th of July safe and enjoy!

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