Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It started off beautiful......sunny, warm with promises of even warmer and maybe humid weather. Then.....something happened that wasn't expected............mysterious pause inserted here..........fog and overcast came to ruin everything~~So, now Norm is out bar-b-quing with his jacket on and I'm running around closing up windows and turning on the heat. Time to put some shoes and socks, too. I had been planning on titleing this post 'The First Day of Summer'.......but 'Last Day of Spring' seems a little closer to the truth. Well, tomorrow's another day and we can only hope!

Had a great lunch today at Redfish. A new menu to study and I'm wanting to try everything. Wonderful cranberry-walnut bread with turkey and swiss cheese was great......and the roasted potato with a dizzle of truffle oil. So good! Lots of people there, too! Some local and some tourists.....Lots of bustling around and much chattering background sounds. And our table of 4 women did our share of contributing in that regard! Never a silent moment!

These posted photos are again from my shoot out by Garrison Lake. The first one is of some grass blowing in our famous breezes. I like the bit of yellow peeking through from the dandeloins. And the second is of a dead tree that was down a hill and meeting up with some reeds in the lake. If you can look at it on large, it's a nice contrast of textures and like one friend said, it almost looks like a pencil drawing.

Enjoy your first day of summer.........may the sun re-appear with

much anticipated warmth.

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