Thursday, June 9, 2011


What a great side show we enjoyed yesterday with our coffee and visit at The Compass Rose
B & B with friends, Doug and Karen. There was a steady stream of entertainment from their bunnies, birds and deer. With the sun shining and temperatures warm it was the perfect time for the tame little bunny couple to go for their playful exercise in the fenced vegetable garden. They have their favorite little "hidie-holes", tunnels and shaded shelters that Doug has made up for them.

This first photo is of them (I don't know their names, I'm sorry to say) taking a rest together after spending about 30 minutes or so of racing around on their own. I love the 4 points of rabbit ears reaching for the sky!!

Isn't this second one cute?? There was quite an interaction between these two. The bunny would leap up in the air and charge at the deer, or at other times, just hop on over to check it out. The deer was even more curious about the rabbit and would look and come over to the fence when ever this little guy would make moves. The deer knew we humans were there, knew it had nothing to worry about and just continued to graze as if we were all just part of the surrounding forest.
The birds were busy with the squirrel-bear-raccoon-etc.-proof feeder that Doug made up. The gold finches looked beautiful against the blue sky and they'd fly across the garden and land in a hawthorne tree, where they just blended in.

This last photo was of the male bunny.........He really was the main attraction of the show. The Mrs. likes to hide out in the herb garden and dig and tunnel. But the Mr. here...... aren't his little white tail and ears so darn cute?!!

It was a very special visit to be a part of this. The whole package.......good friends, wonderful atmosphere, friendly furry critters, good timing for a coffee-cookie break and we loved it!

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