Friday, June 10, 2011


Lots going on today...........this morning I spent an hour or so wandering around Emily's beautiful garden. To my way of thinking, it's the kind of garden that's picture perfect.......that you might see in a garden magazine. Many little areas of plants and flowers that compliment each other not only in color but texture. The right amount of various garden decorative touches like pots, urns, birdbaths, bird feeding stations, etc.
So, within the next week, I'll be posting some of those scenes. Oh, also of Nicki the kitty, who was NOT about to be overlooked!

For tonight, though, I wanted to show off a couple of my favorite blooms from my own garden. The first above photo is the "Goodbye, Polio" rose. It normally has a light pink blush that blends into the white. Maybe because it's the first bloom off the bush, the pink is strongly streaked along the rim of the petals. And why this would happen, I don't just sounds like a reason to me.....8-))
And I liked the reflection in the glass table the vase sits on.

This second photo has not had it's color "tweeked". This iris is really black. When I did try to lighten it up on Photoshop, it shows a deep blue, but to the naked eye, this is it. Pretty remarkable, don't you think??

Norm and I attended the 'official' grand opening of the new Tri-Angle Square gallery. I liked the former one also, but this has enough differences to make it's own mark. And for fans of Joyce and Doug's great art, we can still enjoy that at Denny and Dorothy Dana's new Trading Post, the former Coast Candle Shop next to the Hawthorne Gallery. Lots of new stuff happening in our little town! Many, many talented artists.
And it's the weekend and the sun is out so you can enjoy taking a little walk around the south end of town and looking at some of these new sights...........and I know you wouldn't hurt their feelings if you decided there was something that would look wonderful in your own home and you couldn't live without!! Go for it!!

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