Monday, June 6, 2011


I really like the way these experiments on florals have turned out. It's fun to try new things when they turn out well............vs............not-so-well. These two are among my latest favorites and hopefully, my wall sometime soon.

Had a great visit today with a dear friend who lives half the year in another state. So good to re-connect with those you're just on the same wave-length with. One of those friends where we just pick right up where we left off. A good day. I had a catch-up phone call with one of my grandsons. That's ALWAYS good.

We saw the newest Harry Potter movie last night. I've tried but just can't seem to have been able to get into the Harry Potter movies. They're dark, as in light and dark to see what's going on. Good eyesight isn't one of my strong suits, anyway. Dark screens don't help. The sound goes up and down and just when you've adjusted to one level, softer, then Norm can't hear so up the volume goes. That's about the time when they BLAST you out of your chair with some traumatic scene. You miss the point they're trying to make because you're so caught up with trying to return your heart to normal...........Next scheduled from Netflix is "The Tourist" with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. I don't think it's supposed to be boring though........listed as a 'thriller'. Anyone seen it??

The rest of the week seems to be filling up fast...........lots of odds and ends. I hope to get in some more photo shoots but if not, I have plenty to post instead.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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