Monday, October 12, 2009


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Last week we went up to Coos Bay to do our weekly shopping.
I love the morning light hitting the hills and valley of the Langlois area.
The light is soft and seems to glow on the crests of the hills. I don't know
if my photo can really do the scene justice but this is the best that I've had
since I've been trying to capture it as we drive through.
The second photo (opps......reverse the order of the photos) is of another
scene I always try to catch the smooth reflection of the trees, and
whatever else the water is showing for the day. Sometimes it might be a boat.
Othertimes, a seal or some particular bird. It's almost always beautiful. And
the shallow waters there on the left bank are a favorite with clam diggers
during low tides. Since it's always changing, I'll probably continue to try and
catch that one elusive photo that will end my craving for perfection.

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